Now I Can is proud to have such an amazing group of volunteers. Our volunteers come to Now I Can and donate many hours to help provide the services and therapy the Now I Can children need.

Every patient at Now I Can will have two people to help them through the therapy. One will be from the Now I Can therapy team, and the other will usually be a volunteer. This gives each patient all the attention they need during their intensive session. Volunteers will read stories to the children, help hold stretches at the request of the therapist, be a supporter when the child is struggling, take pictures and videos, help keep the clinic clean and organized, and just give each patient the best experience and opportunity for possible growth and independence.

Our volunteers come from all areas of life, with the majority coming from our neighboring universities: Brigham Young University and Utah Valley University. Many of these students need clinic volunteer hours to help meet their educational requirements. This allows us to set up a set schedule throughout a semester, which also allows volunteers, therapists, and patients to build and maintain a relationship which is critical for the best therapy.

If you would like to become a volunteer, please let us know by submitting a request at our Become a Volunteer page. We couldn’t do it without you!

Maggie Brown

Now I Can gratefully honors Maggie Brown, an outstanding volunteer who has given 300 hours of service to Now I Can. The Maggie Brown Scholarship was started in Fall of 2009 to recognize Maggie for this service and give her would-be wages to a new patient at Now I Can. Maggie and her family will continue to fund the $3000 yearly scholarship.

To apply for this scholarship, see the Financial Aid page.