Sergio Orozco

Sergio Orozco has been with Now I Can for many wonderful years. We cannot begin to quantify the impact that this great man has had on all who have passed through Now I Can. Sergio brought a passion for physical therapy, which was transferred to all those who worked with him. He also had a great love for the patients, they respected his push, and many lives have been greatly improved. He enjoyed seeing his patients grow and become more independent. Thank you Sergio for sharing of yourself with so many of us. We love and appreciate you, and we honor the legacy you have left with Now I Can.

I asked Sergio to write a few words:

When I started workiong at Now I can I never thought of a final day.
Walking out the doors was not an easy task to perform, doing so was hard for I was carrying a big load of great memories.
I started loving NIC the very first day I stepped in the location (Orem) since I discovered that it was a place that needed to grow;  I instantly recognized that to make the growth come to happen, many changes needed to be made, I knew that changes will bring many challenges along.
I always have loved challenges and thus I took the responsability as and experienced Physical Therapist in Neuro-pediatrics approach; to make the staff understand that each neurologic insult was a unique entity even its cause and/or physical presentation seemed to be alike therefore an individualized and customized approach with the right physical therapy techniques and strategies will guarantee greater achievements and growth for the patients, the staff and also for NIC as institution.  The task of making the changes was not easy, conflicts and worries arose in the mind of the staff who was not used to an approach completely different and unique: A PHILOSOPHY OF GIVING LIFE NOT EXERCISE.
I have had so much joy and satisfaction every time that a new family came for a free screening, helping them to understand their child’s physical challenges, the needed approach for their child’s particular dysfunction and most of all seeing their joy of having hope while understanding that their child had a potential to achieve a greater functional ability.
I learned to love NIC for all the  challenges and opposition I found, which enabled me to dare todo my best as a clinician and  as a person.  I learned to love NIC  finding out that there was some people who were willing to join to  a noble cause giving their time, talents and possession; that was so inspiring for me.
I love NIC for I found a way to say NOW I CAN explore new professional possibilities, I believe that the Lord’s hand is always guiding where and when to move on.  I am not leaving NOW I CAN, for it will always be part of me. Thank you all for all you support, and confidence you placed on me.  You have enriched my life!.
It’s only with the heart that one can see rightly
the essential is invisible to the eye.
Hellen Keller