Kya Kraus

Kya Kraus is an incredible individual who really dedicated herself to helping build Now I Can. Kya worked as our office manager during this past summer, and we wanted to honor her for her incredible contributions. We asked her to write her history, her experiences, and her feelings about Now I Can and the superstars who work so hard.

Thank you Kya!!

When I first heard of Now I Can, I wasn’t planning on getting hooked.

I was a senior at BYU, looking for an internship that would fulfill my graduation requirements so I could graduate and move on with my education and career. I was looking for anything to fit the bill and I stumbled upon a little nonprofit organization called Now I Can Foundation. The description said I could volunteer and help physically disabled kids with their physical therapy and I thought it sounded like a worthwhile place to spend my 200 hours. I made arrangements to start volunteering during my last semester at BYU and I began in January. I’ll be honest—I wasn’t planning on staying long term. And I especially wasn’t planning on getting hooked.

It took a little while for me to get used to being at Now I Can so often. After all, I was there for 4 days every week helping the therapists with therapy, cleaning the equipment, wiping mats, emptying trash, and writing thank-you notes to donors. I even wiped a few tears, sang a few songs, and told a few stories. But I was really just there to get my 200 hours and be done.  I wasn’t planning in getting hooked.

Over the course of 4 months, I met some of the most amazing and hard working kids you could find. Their bodies didn’t work the best that they should, but their spirits were so full of determination and courage and I was impressed and humbled by these little people. Every one that I worked with made incredible gains and progressed in a way that I never thought possible. Before Now I Can, I didn’t know that intensive physical therapy existed or that it worked! After a couple months of being at Now I Can, I knew that I had found the right internship and it wasn’t just one to fill the hours. I realized that I was hooked.

I was amazed by what Tracey and Joel created. I was amazed by the therapists and their ability to love and teach these little bodies. Amazed by the families that are so determined to give their children the best that they deserve no matter what it takes. Amazed by the support that the community gives to something so incredible. I wanted to stick around. If only there was a way for me to get paid to do what I do! If I could stay around and get paid, everything would be perfect!

Then April came, and it was time to end my volunteering at Now I Can because I was graduating! I had so much going on between finals, family coming in to town, graduation ceremonies, planning a wedding and trying to find a job that I just hoped and prayed that I would make it through the busyness and my life would work out how it needed to. I didn’t know what I was going to do after I graduated and then the Office Manager position at Now I Can opened up. I interviewed and knew that my chances were slim because the other candidates were so great, but I secretly hoped that somehow I would knock everyone’s socks off and I’d be able to work at Now I Can. I was so hooked!

I nearly died when I got the email saying I’d been offered a summer position as the Office Manager at Now I Can. I was so excited that I could stick around a little longer and enjoy being at such a great place. Being the Office Manager was everything I dreamed of and more and I loved helping in all of the different aspects of the clinic. I answered phone calls and emails, scheduled patients, helped in the gyms at times, worked with the volunteers, helped Tracey with different tasks, and learned a lot about physical therapy and how it helps the body. I loved being in the clinic everyday of the week and being able to watch incredible progress. It has been one of my favorite jobs because I became hooked on what Now I Can stands for.

As my time has finally come to an end at Now I Can, I can look back and know how divinely inspired it was for me to find Now I Can. It wasn’t just some internship somewhere that would get me 200 hours. It wasn’t just some physical therapy clinic in Utah. It wasn’t even just some job that I could work right out of college. It was a special place that taught me what it means to work hard and achieve goals. I learned so much about faith and the power of will. I was blown away by the capabilities of the patients that came to Now I Can and their determination to succeed no matter what the odds. It has been an eye-opening experience to be a part of the daily life of Now I Can and become so passionate about something that I didn’t know anything about 8 months ago. I will miss being at Now I Can because it has become such a big part of me but I know my time there was exactly what I needed. I am hooked on Now I Can  and it’ll always have a place in my heart.