What patients are saying and doing


“I can do nothing but praise Now I Can’s services. You all meet every need and exceed any expectation. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the help and progress I see from the visit to your clinic. Inside the walls of Now I Can lives are changing for the better, and miracles are taking place.”


Jennifer said, “Before Now I Can I thought that I was as for as I could get with my disability and physical therapy was just there to maintain what I already could do. I learned to control my right arm better. I feel more stable when I walk. For the first time in years I feel like 1 day I could do anything I wanted to do.”


“This February I went to Now I Can to get stronger. The stair case is only 4 steps and still hard. At first, climbing up the stairs was hard. Someone had to be behind me to help me. I wanted to do it by myself but I couldn’t get my knee all the way up.

“As I practiced it grew easier & easier. One day before I even started up Tenley said, ‘Today is a good stair day.’ I started, and a knee went up and a hand up and a knee and a hand and a knee and a hand and a knee and a hand and two knees one at a time and I did it! I was so proud and happy. I had to tell my dad.”

Karina’s 2010 Now I can Video

Karina’s 2011 Now I can Video


At the age of three, my son, Matt was not thriving. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy following a traumatic birth. Right after his third birthday we took him for his first session at Now I Can. Just after three weeks of intensive therapy Matt made more progress than he had in the first three years of his life doing traditional therapy. Matt has now attended 6 Now I Can sessions. On several occasions at the end of therapy we have asked Matt if he wants to come back tomorrow for more therapy. Matt always says yes! It is hard work but Matt has learned that he can do hard things and that the therapy is making him not only stronger but more able! We will be forever grateful to Tracey and Joel Christensen for bringing Now I Can within our reach.


Tyson’s mom wrote:
Tyson was born with a rare brain condition called hemimegalencephaly. Eight hours after birth he started seizing. After many tests and MRIs it was determined he had this brain condition. With this condition, most kids end up having a hemispherectomy, which disconnects or removes half of the brain to try to control seizures. We could not control the seizures with medication, so at 3 months of age he had brain surgery to disconnect and remove part of the left brain. Tyson has done remarkably well considering the circumstances. When we first went to Now I Can, Tyson was scooting on his bum, that is how he got around. At the end of the 3 weeks at Now I Can, he was walking. It was the most amazing thing to experience. We love Now I Can and are working to continue to go there. Tyson just ended his 2nd 3-week session there at Now I Can, and he can now walk up stairs with a railing. Amazing. We can’t thank Now I Can enough for what they have provided for our family and for Tyson. They truly care about our kids just like they were their own.

Tyson’s 1st Now I Can Video

Tyson’s 2nd Now I Can Video