Our Story

Hello —— we are Joel and Tracey Christensen, the founders of Now I Can. Our oldest child, Colby Anne, was born with Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy. We know what it’s like to have the hope and excitement of childbirth change in a moment to fear and despair because of a traumatic birth and the uncertainty of what the future will hold.

During the first four years of our beautiful daughter’s life our routine involved early intervention, as well as traditional PT, OT and speech. After years of doing this, we decided one hour a week of physical therapy was not enough for our little girl. She just wasn’t making the progress we felt she could make. So, in 2005, we took our then four year-old daughter to Poland for a month of intensive physical therapy. Colby exercised for 4 hours a day five days a week and made incredible progress. She would say “Now I Can” use “righty” better!

We were thrilled to have found the Intensive Model of Therapy, and the benefits of an orthotic suit. But, we were not prepared to continue making trips to Poland! We resolved to bring intensive suit therapy to the Intermountain West so that our family and other could enjoy more favorable conditions in which to experience the most effective therapy around.

Through hard work, the generosity of family, friends, and strangers — and divine providence — Now I Can opened its doors to children from all over the United States. Polish therapists helped us introduce the Intensive Model of Therapy and Suit therapy to Utah and surrounding areas.

Now I Can’s excellent team works tirelessly and lovingly with each child to help them reach their greatest potential. Our family has experienced a lot of joy as we’ve been blessed to get to know many wonderful families and some precious, dedicated children! These kids work hard — and they are reaching their goals.