Almost 7 years ago, Joel and I began to dream of a place where our daughter Colby and others could reach their physical goals. We knew it could be effective, closer to home than Poland—and somehow, we knew we were supposed to make it happen.

Since Now I Can opened its doors 6 years ago, our lives have been blessed by hundreds of sweet children and their families. We have been forever changed by the experience of seeing these strong spirits defy the odds and take steps that were once unimaginable.

It is a highlight of my day and my life to see the smiles of children at Now I Can, and rub shoulders with the amazing families and therapy team at Now I Can.

While Joel and I will always be a part of Now I Can–as it is a part of us– we do have an exciting announcement of change and growth.

Because Now I Can has grown as a clinic and as a charity, it has become time to hire a new full-time director. This is been a job I have loved and grown with over the years. But now I must leave what has felt like my “fourth child” in some capable hands and focus on the three kids I have at home!

We are thrilled to announce that Michael Ririe has been selected as the new Executive Director. Mike is a friend of Now I Can and someone many of you already know. He’s the publisher of the Now I Can Photo Book, which continues to bring in donations to our therapy grant fund.

Mike’s talents and capabilities are a perfect fit for what we are trying to accomplish at Now I Can, and we’re confident you will love working with him.

Moving forward, Joel and I will serve as Chairs of the Board of Directors and help to shape the vision of Now I Can for the future. We cherish our roles as founders and will always welcome your input and communication.

We hope you will think it’s okay if we stop in and see you at Now I Can from time to time. I almost feel like a grandma to these children (a very young grandma, mind you)—I hug them, cheer for them , and leave them to keep working. I could never walk away from those sweet moments.

And we look forward to seeing you at Now I Can functions. Our own kids’ major concern about this change has been “Can we still get up at 5 a.m. on the morning of the run?” We have assured them that we can!

Sergio, Nacole, Natalie, Betsy, Kya, Mitch and Kallene—along with all the members of our team from the past (including Tenley, Jessica, Mark, Abby, Mikel, Jordan, Ashley, Shari, Nate and Joe)—thank you. Now I Can is great and will continue to be great because of you.

To our donors and community partners—thank you for the trust you’ve placed in me and in Now I Can, and for the way you’ve blessed children’s lives. I look forward to many opportunities to work with you in the future.

So, this isn’t a farewell at all. It is a welcoming of a new season of progress for Now I Can and all those we serve. And welcome, Mike Ririe—what a beautiful adventure awaits you.

Tracey and Joel Christensen