Meet Jacob. Our family met him in Poland 9 years ago, at the very beginning of our intensive therapy journey.

That first day in Poland, Jacob rolled up in his wheelchair. With a few grunts, his Mom knew he wanted his notebook full of pictures. Hundreds of pictures line sheet protectors, and his Mom, Deb, expertly flipped the pages as he pointed and vocalized instructions only she understands.

“He wants to know what church you go to”, Deb said, as he pointed at an image of a church. And that’s how our friendship began.

Years have passed, and I’ve learned that Jacob can communicate better than most with a look in his eyes, an expression, or through his Mom and his notebook. He really lets us know how he feels!

Jacob loves intensive therapy. He loves to improve. He begs his family to bring him back to Now I Can over and over so he can learn to do things better.

Once when he was at a therapy session, I brought some United Way visitors through on a tour. Jacob asked for his notebook and asked if there was a way he could volunteer for their charity.

Jacob has impressed me over and over with his attitude, his gratitude for blessings of life, and for his willingness to serve in the world. I call him our best Now I Can missionary–he is always looking for ways to tell people about Now i Can and to invite them to come and experience what he has with our therapy team.

That’s why I wasn’t surprised at the words on this craft he made at his day program. Thanks for being so awesome, Jacob!

Tracey Christensen