We are all so busy! Every day I have people ask me “How can I help Now I Can?” “Do you need volunteers?” “Can my son do an Eagle Scout project for Now I Can?”

There are many needs a small charity has–especially one with daily operations like Now I Can. We are so thankful for everyone who serves and donates in big and small ways. I’d like to tell you about one of my favorite small and simple ways that makes a big impact.

You can start using Yahoo! powered GoodSearch.com as your search engine and they’ll donate about a penny to your favorite cause every time you do a search!

In addition, you can do all of your shopping through their online shopping mall, GoodShop.com, where you can shop at more than 2,400 top online retailers and a percentage of your purchases will go to Now I Can. You pay the same price as you normally would, but a donation goes to help children with disabilities get stronger!

Here’s the web site — http://www.goodsearch.com. You can also read about GoodSearch in the NY Times, Oprah Magazine, CNN, ABC News and the Wall Street Journal. This is legit.

Only about 6 of us so far have been using the site as part of daily life and already we’ve raised over $125 for Now I Can. My kids love to know that every time they search “Egyptian pharaohs” or “where do Siamese cats come from” they are doing a good deed. The more searches, the better! (hopefully you have good parental controls on your computer!)

How many can we get using the goodsearch toolbar?