Now I Can has been incredibly blessed to have Wendy Edwards as a part of our Now I Can Board of Directors. Wendy comes from QUESTAR, who provided all the volunteers at our recent benefit concert on September 4th, and they were a huge help. QUESTAR is absolutely amazing, and we are so thrilled that so many of their incredible employees would come and donate their time so the concert would go well. There were volunteers taking tickets, selling tickets, setting up, blowing up balloons, managing the silent auction table, greeting, helping people find seats, cleaning the amphitheater, and more. We really couldn’t have done it without the help of the willing hands of the QUESTAR employees.

QUESTAR’s theme this season is “Energy from the Heart!” Wendy Edwards radiates this theme. She works full time, goes to school full time, is a Ute fan full time, has her family full time, is training for marathons full time, and is always making time to give back to the community. She’s full of good energy. What an inspirational person, someone we all can take lessons from.

I hope you catch her energy:

All I can say is “WOW!” It has been almost a year now since being introduced to the Now I Can Foundation through the annual United Way Campaign and you have touched many lives in the QUESTAR Family. We have so much “Energy from the Heart” to offer our communities and we thoroughly enjoy working with the Now I Can Foundation and “Superstars.” From the annual 5K Run in the Spring to the most recent Benefit Concert on September 4th featuring the Great Ryan Innes and the One Voice Children’s Choir, the QUESTAR Volunteer Team has had so much fun Advocating and Volunteering at these events that we are looking forward for the next opportunity and MORE…

Thank you Wendy for your incredible service. Our community is better, stronger, and happier with you in it. You’re inspiring people every where you go, so keep up the good hard work!

Wendy Edwards Now I Can Benefit Concert 2012