Now I Can is so proud of all the kids who come to our facility. It is a joy for us to be part of their lives every day. We define success in so many ways, and we see these successes by your determined efforts all of the time.

Here is short story about the triumph of one little girl over her doctors’ diagnoses:

*Jessica was born March 26, 2002. She was born dead with Apgar scores of 0 and 4. She was brown, not breathing, cord around her neck, aspirated a bowl movement and very wrinkled.
Her blood sugar was very low and she was taken right away to the Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU). She stayed there for seven days.

Her official diagnosis is Periventricular Leukomalacia, meaning some white matter of her brain is dead. Her left side and both legs from waist down have been affected by this. She has had high tone her whole life, meaning her legs are very stiff.

We were one of the very first clients to Now I Can when it opened in 2006. It has been such a huge influence in our family’s lives! Jessica came to Now I Can with a walker and a diagnosis from doctors saying she would never walk independently. But after the first session, she donated her walker to Now I Can. She no longer needed it!

Of all my wishes at that time in life my greatest was to just have my four year old walk independently. Tears come to my eyes thinking about it. There are no real words to describe the feeling and happiness everyone felt when she walked for the first time.

I firmly believe that the first session she had with Now I Can at four years old combined with a Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy surgery at Primary Children’s Hospital made her walk!

Now I Can has made my stressful life as a mother much easier. When I took her to traditional therapy I had to take her siblings with me and stay throughout the entire session. It was very difficult and I dreaded going. I would walk in with a bad attitude. Going to Now I Can is more relaxed for me. There is a room for the kids to play and when needed I can drop Jessica off, run errands, and come back. I trust them completely.

I love Now I Can. It’s been the biggest blessing for Jessica and our family. I see other cerebral palsy kids that don’t attend Now I Can or even traditional therapy and it breaks my heart. They are in wheelchairs, but I think their ability is similar to Jessica’s. I could not imagine our life with Jessica in a wheelchair. She has come so far with intensive therapy.

Jessica still attends Now I Can and is now working on jumping rope. We are so happy to have her happy influence around the clinic!
*Names have been changed to ensure the continued security of the children of Now I Can.