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Intensive physical therapy is a relatively new idea in the United States, but has been practiced in Europe for over a decade. This effective therapy involves performing exercises over an extended period of time — 5 days a week for 4 hours a day. Most clients visit Now I Can for 3 or 4 week sessions.

Studies have shown that a 3-week session of intensive therapy helps a child realize the same goals it would usually take a full year of traditional therapy to achieve. Patients with neuromuscular challenges need this focused and intense approach that provides time to practice the skills they need to learn — like sitting, standing or walking.

Now I Can also utilizes the NeuroSuit, an orthotic suit worn by clients to teach the brain and body correct patterns of posture and movement — as well as to provide resistance and strengthening, and proprioceptive input.

Now I Can’s therapy team is a kind and compassionate group comprised of licensed physical therapists, physical therapist assistants and therapy aides. These individuals have training in NDT, PNF, Sensory Integration, and have extensive experience with neurological disorders and brain injury.

While therapy is a long and hard road for most families with special needs children, miracles both large and small happen at Now I Can every day. For example — a four year-old leaves his crutches behind after three weeks of therapy … an eight year-old takes her first independent steps … a young seizure victim learns to hold his head up and sit independently … and a twenty year-old stands free of pain for the first time in his life!

Now I Can welcomes children of any age who want to improve their strength and independence, relieve pain, or recover from injury. Those with cerebral palsy, spina bifida, traumatic brain injury, or developmental delays will all benefit from intensive therapy. We offer free screenings with our team that allows families to meet our team and learn more about how Now I Can will benefit their child in particular. We want to help them reach physical capabilities that allow them to say, “Now I Can” about their new skills!

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