The Foundation

Now I Can is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to helping disabled children reach their greatest potential. Now I Can has combined the most effective methods of physical therapy with the most outstanding therapy team — making our therapy unique and sought after by families across the country.

Our mission at Now I Can is to help children with disabilities reach their full potential and greatest independence.

At Now I Can, our mission is to help each child reach their full potential and greatest independence through innovative physical therapy. We are:


    We are punctual
    We work as a team
    We focus on the patient


    We improve lives
    We use the best techniques
    We interact well with patients and parents

Believers in Change

    We utilize time wisely
    We emphasize the positive
    We set goals and work passionately towards them

We are committed to help each child do more and reach higher!

Now I Can will become our clients first choice in physical therapy by providing the highest quality services and information – therapy that brings change, hope, and confidence to children with disabilities!  We see a world with fewer crutches, wheelchairs and surgeries and more dreams realized!



Now I Can offers traditional physical therapy, and intensive suit therapy. Intensive therapy sessions are three or four weeks long, Monday through Friday for four hours daily.

Now I Can’s therapy team has extensive experience in both intensive and traditional physical therapy. They are also trained in neuro-developmental treatment (NDT), proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF), sensory integration, and kinesio taping. We also have experienced, skilled and caring aides to assist in giving children the best care possible.

Children with neuromuscular problems, such as cerebral palsy, will benefit greatly from the use of the NeuroSuit now the first suit of its kind to include elbow and glove attachments! The Intensive Model of Therapy is becoming increasingly popular for the results and growth it produces in children. Once or twice a month visits to a physical therapist are often not enough to help a child make the strides they would like to make.

Here is a short video presentation to give you more insight about us and what we do here at Now I Can: