What a difference intensive physical therapy can make! Instead of traditional physical therapy one or two days a week, the hard work put in during the 5 days a week of intensive therapy at Now I Can helps patients see great improvement!

Just yesterday I was talking with a Mom about the changes we saw in our daughter after her first intensive session. Of course, 60 hours of consecutive therapy is going to produce some visible changes. These are much easier to recognize when compared with weekly 50 minute appointments in a traditional setting.

That’s why I love the intensive model–it allows patient and parent to be motivated by their progress and feel that satisfaction of a goal met! Yesterday, K. stood for 20 seconds in his walker, and that was one of those joyful moments we love at Now I Can!

Another child, Alex, has been attending therapy at Now I Can for 4 years and has been able to make incredible breakthroughs. Alex and his family were told that he would never be able to speak. Through his hard work and his core body strength therapy, Alex is now able to speak. The combination of hard work and the intensive therapy enables patients to achieve amazing results and breakthroughs like Alex’s daily. Some changes are more dramatic than others, but the progress is sure.

* (Names have been changed to ensure the continued security of the children of Now I Can)